Dr. Paul: Thank you for joining us. We feel like God has given us the platform and the ability to reach out to pastors, pastor’s wives, and the first family. And we’ve written this book and we want to elaborate a little bit on one of the chapters in the book called Missing From Home. We want to talk about how to balance home life in the church, to show that there’s two wives, you got the church as the wife, and you got the literal wife, the whole family. And so how to balance those. So, when we started out in ministry, what was some of the things that you wanted to do to help little Paul, when it came from me being out, you being out and not being in the house when we had to be in the church.

Celeste: I just wanted him to know, I never wanted him to build like he was being neglected. And I wanted him to know we have a duty to the church, but our duty to him is first.

Dr. Paul: And so, we always wanted to do that we instill that in him. So, let’s move to another level. How about me missing from home when I had to travel, go to meetings, conventions, workshops, those type of things? How do you balance home life with this you playing the role of dad and mom when I’m gone?

Celeste: So, I balanced it, thank goodness, I had family very close by and they helped not only my immediate family, but I’m Pastor Bentley’s family. Also, they helped me and Paul. There was a time where I was working outside the home, so I relied on them to help us also. So, thank goodness, I did. But when I did, and I had to make the choice of putting what Paul needed done, versus what I needed done, versus what the church needed done. I had to, you have to just find a balance and put things in priority.

Dr. Paul: So, priority is very important. So, we got a chapter in the book called Missing From Home. I want to read an excerpt that you did actually write in the book. You said, “Once Paul came along, and because you had promised yourself that you would not neglect him. I wanted it Paul to succeed, not this little Paul, to feel as he was being neglected because of the church. Looking back, I know, I didn’t have a good balance in this.” So just now you’ve talked about priorities, it’s very important to get everything in the right level was first was second was third.

Celeste: And a lot of times I didn’t do that. Because I was so set on showing Paul that he was priority in our life and that nothing would ever come before him. I didn’t want to feel like he was neglected. I would most of the time put him first.

Dr. Paul: So, we’ve written some things in this book that can help you get those priorities right, when they get out of sync, how to get them lined up. So, we want to encourage you to reach out to us you can do that through social media. You can do it through our email address, info@paulbrintley.com or you can email her too celeste@paulbrintley.com. Ask those questions, or me personally at drpaul@paulbrintley.com or you can reach us on social media. We’ll chat anything like that. We would love to reach out and connect with you and see how we can help you in any way. And remember, a vision won’t work if you don’t.