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Dr. Paul Brintley’s latest book, ‘Two Wives in the Parsonage’ will help you and your family balance the challenges that ministry brings into your household. Being a pastor, he had to learn most of the lessons contained in this book firsthand. Learn practical ways to overcome the challenges of balancing church and family life. In this book, you will find all the same scenarios that you face in ministry with biblical and personal answers.

Black Lies Matter, Too

Black Lies Matter, Too

No one likes to be lied to about anything. Dr. Paul jumps right into the middle of false ideas, statements, and directions that have influenced the way he believed for years until he found the truth in Jesus.

Two Wives in the Parsonage by Paul Brintley

Two Wives in the Parsonage

Find the balance between full-time ministry and taking care of your household.

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Business by Faith by Rev. Paul Brintley

Business by Faith

Run your business without losing your soul. Expert advice from pastor and entrepreneur, Paul Brintley.

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